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Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 2014

I can't believe it's already October!!! This year has literally flown by. I don't know if its cause Im a Mama now and so every second is filled with fun, or if its cause Im older, and just turned 30!?? It's been a pretty fabulous year however. Very very grateful for all we've experienced this year.

We took Jade to the Pumpkin Patch! We love Peterson Farms and thats basically where we go every year. Jade will by 18 months on October 30th! Last year when we took her, she was still a baby, and this year she was a toddler walking around loving and touching everything she could. She loved the hay stacks and carried a few pieces with her, and just loved walking up and down on the bumpy dirt beside the pumpkins. What a fun time! This is such a fun age. 

They had a petting zoo and Jade can say goat and sheeeeep. So she just walks around talking and pointing out everything she can. She is a very smart girl and can say a ton of words. She wasn't a big fan of the tractors though, hence why theres no pics! She is very independent. Mom and Dad always try and get her to hold their hands, but she just keeps walking like she doesn't hear you. She's a little slow to warm up to new things. Getting in the wheel barrow was a task for her to overcome!

Going to the Pumpkin Patch to pick our pumpkins is a tradition we want to try and carry on each year. Happy Halloween!

We love our little stinker bug!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jade turns O-N-E!

Our little Jadey Bug turned 1 on April 30th 2014. Mom and Dad have always nicknamed her Jadey, but she is also called Jade, Jada, Jadey-boo, and Jadelyn by many others. We are so thankful for her cute little mug face. Ever since she was born the #1 comment she's received is "Oh look at those cheeks!" From every person ever. She is truly the light of our lives and we couldn't imagine life without her. 

She is definitely a "mommy's girl" and has been ever since she was born. Her hair over the last few months has just been getting lighter and lighter! She might be a mommy's girl but she got all of daddy's looks. Jade loves to walk around EVERYWHERE. She is pretty attentive and points to things all over that she may recognize. She sleeps amazing at night, a full 12 hours, which we are SO thankful for even though it did take some sleep training early on. She is getting beautiful hair growing in which is light and thinner and so pretty. She's getting a lot of it!

Jade loves her binky and blanky. She sleeps with them at night and they are definitely a comfort to her. She got her 1 yr shots at the Dr and only cried for a minute, but thank goodness she had her blanky ;)

Mom and Dad have always worked at having a bedtime routine with Jade. We tried baths in the evening for a little while but usually switch them mostly to the morning. When she was a newborn she hated baths at night. They NEVER calmed her. I resorted to doing them in the morning and then we tried doing them at night again, but nope, she's a morning bather. After we bath or get jammies on,   put on our lotion, we read books together, say prayer and go to bed. Jade has always had a love of reading. Even when she was a little baby, she would just sit there while Mom or Dad read to her. She never pushed them away. We contribute that to her excellent vocabulary that is developing. She loves getting in her jammies and especially cute ones from her grammies! 

PARTY TIME! We had to have the birthday party a few days early so family could all make it. We bought a delicious cake from Granite bakery and had all sorts of treats. So happy to have all of our family and friends there to celebrate with us! Jade spent her time walking around pushing her walker, playing with family and opening a few gifts. 

She wouldn't touch her cake at first. And then she finally took a taste of the icing and didn't like it. Mom had to cut a piece of chocolate out for her to try and then she LOVED it!

Newborn- 12 month pics

She LOVES the computer she got from her Auntie with her pet doggie on it, Violet. 

On the morning of the 30th, Mama took Jadey out to I-HOP to get her very own first breakfast meal... She had eggs, pancakes, fruit and loved it all. She still loves all sorts of food. Is getting a little more picky with veggies but is still a great eater! We love this little girl and can't express our gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the beautiful and fun blessing she is in our lives. She helps us to be kinder, sweeter and enjoy the little things in our simple life. We are so thankful for all she adds to our family. 

Happy Birthday little love!

Monday, February 3, 2014

A funny story- Have you heard of cradle cap

So...about 2-3 months after Jade was born I kept noticing how there begun to be little flakes in her hair. I didn't notice it a lot at the beginning (prob because I was sleep deprived) but kept noticing how if I would scratch it more and more flakes would come off. Gross. So, I looked into it online and decided it must be this "cradle cap" stuff that you pretty much have to scrub off. I read some different things about how to handle this, wash their hair everyday, use a brush, use VEGETABLE OIL etc etc. Hmmmm. I decided to try the veggie oil out of all things. The first time i did it...haha, i put baby in the bumbo and added just a cap full of oil and rubbed it all around. Then showered her and after, comb scratched the little flakes off. TONS. OF. IT. It was crazy. I did this for about 5 days. She loved it, ummm jk.

"oh my!" Mommy whats on my head...?

The best thing to do was to wash her hair EVERY single day and to comb it after to get the flakes out. All in all this took about 2 weeks total to get rid of. Maybe a little less. 

ha. This looks so gross. But I tell ya it worked!

Thats it. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Re-Cap First Halloween 2013

I am SO behind! But its SO worth it considering I have this little sweetie now :) I will be doing A LOT Of catching up so I have record of our life. For one of my Christmas gifts I was able to print my blog from 2010-2012. Its awesome! Its like a grown-up journal with real pictures. I love looking back at the things that have transpired the last few years and how they continue to change. "The only thing constant about life is change!"...I do want to say something however... although I love blogging and showing our activities through pictures and how much fun we have, we ARENT perfect like a lot of bloggers would like to portray. We are normal people. We have struggles and disagreements and worries etc etc etc. I feel like a lot of people in the blogging world have to post pictures and stories and it kind of turns into a competition of who has the best activities this week or who gets the most comments or who can write the best. I am not a writer and I don't want to compete with you and your life. I have friends who struggle with life and different things and I know it can make them feel bad when people post or brag about how they're lives are perfect. Im sure your life is, but I want to be clear that my blog is records for ME. I love sharing with you, but that is not my main purpose. :)

Jadelyn is NINE months old tomorrow (January 30th 2014). Its crazy and nuts and surreal but its the most real, fun thing thats ever happened in my life. She can't quite crawl yet and loves to eat and eat. She loves to walk with help from mom & dad, and cries when we stop walking. She has the sweetest smile and we love her to pieces. 

This is her piano. We are starting her early...cause mom and dad didn't quite master it so she can :) She HATES to be on her stomach, hence the no crawling so we try and distract her with food and toys of course. She's about 5 or 6 months here.

Jade's "crib crew"- Glowie, Piggy & Bear! She loves waking up from a nap and seeing her animals ready to play...

Jade turned 6 months the day before Halloween & Josh and I took her to the pumpkin patch to pick us some pumpkins.

She tried to eat this pumpkin but we just could't bear the thought of it ;)

I love this scrumptious face.

We were able to have another Halloween party with some of our friends, this year kids were included so we made sure we did some...

Ghost toilet paper bowling...how cute are these two?!

Next we did some duct tape pumpkins...

Barb and her cute baby skeleton shirt...due in April!

Brit looking amazing after just having a baby!

Susan making her amazing pumpkin!

And Jade with her itty bitty pumpkin. 

We sure do love our friends and all their baby girls....

And the final products :) Then we had a contest and had the boys chose which one was most creative. The one on the right won. 

Josh doing some toilet paper tricks of course.

Whats a party without food!? We prepared a caramel apple bar but after Britney's amazing cupcakes and some other treats, everybody was super full. So, Sunday afternoon Josh and I had our own apple gorge!

Next up was my annual family costume party... This years theme - "NERDS"

Our favorite teachers PET!!!

Nerdy Aunt WOWA.

Oh yes, and this was necessary...however a tad embarrassing. hahahaha

On to HALLOWEEN DAY! Presenting....


We had some hair prep time for the little misses before we ventured out for the day....

I found the cutest Snow White outfit at Target this year that I just had to get...We couldn't leave the house before we put in some tiny curls and mayyyyybe a little blush ;) hehehe I was dying

I was super excited to meet up with my Mom and Sis at the mall to take the kids around to some stores...mainly for Tyson's benefit, Mallory came along too and we had a blast going from store to store getting treats.

Hey Snow White! 

After the mall we went to Grandpa's retirement party from the SLC Police Department...over 30 years! They invited everybody downtown to the PIE for some pizza. Super fun day.

My first Halloween jammies...

Of course there has to be something in opposition to all beautiful and sweet little Princesses, so I decided to take on the role of the Evil Queen so we could somewhat match!? Josh was supposed to be the prince but it didn't quite work out that way, he turned into the photographer ;)

Crazy to think that a year ago on Halloween we announced that we were going to have this cute little bug! Happy late Halloween...

Love the cutest pumpkin in the patch!